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Brabu’s Newest Certified Pharmacy Technician

Patsy Jetley

Patsy Jetley

While some kids spend their Spring break hanging at the beach, watching movies, or playing video games…..Brabu’s own, Patsylynn Jetley, went to Guam to take, and successfully PASS, her US Pharmacy Technician Certification.

We’re so proud of you Patsy and your mentors, RJ Dris and Kina Sablan. So Glad you will have this Certificate to take back to University of Colorado in the Fall to continue your studies in Pharmacy school.

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Saipan’s Next New Pharmacists

Ted Parker along side Patsy Jetley (left) and Alina Ishikawa (right)

Ted Parker along side Patsy Jetley (left) and Alina Ishikawa (right)

“I hate to see them go, and yet, I love tolet them go,” said Ted Parker, Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center’s Co-Owner and General Manager, “….as long as they study hard, grow, and of course I hope they come back to us. Our islands need more homegrown medical professionals.”

This fall, two more of Brabu Pharmacy’s staff will be pursuing careers in Pharmacy. Patsy Jetley will be leaving island on July 4th to attend the University of Colorado’s Pharmacy Program, which is ranked 24th in the nation. Jetley said, “I think I may cry when I actually leave, but at the same time I feel like this is going to be my own independence day.”

Ms. Jetley is a graduate of Kagman High school and a former student of NMC. She began work as a cashier at Brabu Pharmacy last October. “She was only with us a short time before she began demonstrating an aptitude for pharmacy.  She mastered several skills very quickly with maturity and a quiet sense of humor,” stated Parker. “Patsy has an acute intelligence that she sometimes tries to hide. It will serve her well in college. We’re really going to miss her.” Ms. Jetley plans to return to the CNMI after earning her Doctorates in Pharmacy.

Brabu Pharmacy will also be saying goodbye to Alina Ishikawa who began as a volunteer over two years ago at the young age of 15. Ms. Ishikawa, an avid tennis player, and recurrent science fair and Mock Trial winner will be graduating from Marianas Baptist Academy this year. “Alina has been preparing for college for some time. It was no surprise to see her be accepted nearly everywhere she applied”, said Parker, “I was only half joking when I told her to choose U-Dub,” (sic) the University of Washington; Parker’s alma mater.

However, to ‘U-Dub’s’ loss, Ms. Ishikawa opted to enroll in Northeastern University’s Pharmacy Program. She will begin her studies in Boston this August. “It was a hard decision, but I was glad that my AP classes allowed me to get an early start in their Pharmacy school”, said Ms. Ishikawa. This will allow her to graduate with both a Master and Doctorate degree within just six years.

“It is still quite a commitment,” said Parker, noting that most pharmacy programs now require a doctorates degree. ‘PharmD’ programs can take up to eight years to complete. However, both the University of Colorado and Northeastern University, which rank in the top 40 Pharmacy Schools, have an accelerated six year program.

“We firmly believe in encouraging staff to keep learning and striving for better opportunities,” said Parker. “Both my wife and I get very attached to these young people. It’s hard to let them go, but we couldn’t be prouder of both Patsy and Alina…even if they aren’t ‘Huskies’.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Brabu Pharmacy’s commitment to our community, internship training programs, or just curious about pharmacy work, are invited to stop by Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center any time Monday through Friday 9 am to 1pm or call 233-(AMOT) 2668.  “Go Dogs”.

Closed for Memorial Day

memorial day

25th Annual TAGAMAN Triathalon

Pharmacy technician, Trina Ito, all ready for the runners.

Pharmacy technician, Trina Ito, all ready for the runners.20140412_095923-picsay


Another Certified Technician Joins the Ranks

Kina Sablan received US Pharmacy Technician Certification

Kina Sablan received US Pharmacy Technician Certification

After finishing her first day working in the prescription preparation area, Kina Sablan was really questioning if she should just quit. “I had never had a job with so much responsibility. I only worked as a cashier before applying at Brabu.” said Sablan. “I realized that if I made a mistake I could really hurt someone. I was seriously scared, but I’m so glad that I came to work the next day.  Now I’m going to be a certified Pharmacy Technician.”

“We want to make sure our staff not only get proper training to serve our customers well,” said Ted Parker, Brabu Pharmacy General Manage, “But just as importantly, they get the emotional and mental support to successfully meet their goal and pass their exam.” Each intern at Brabu is given a mentor who has gone through the same training. Mentors help interns address their fears and get over the hurdles that many face, learning to solve dosing calculations, filling physician’s orders accurately, and overcoming a fear of failure which cause many of our young people to quit before they get started.

“We firmly believe in encouraging staff to keep learning and expanding their responsibilities,” said Parker. “We are proud to see Kina join her mentor, Trina Ito, as a U.S. certified Pharmacy Technician. Knowing that we all need more medical professionals on our islands we will continue to hire and train locally. The limit to how many we can provide with hands-on-training is only limited by sufficient funding.”

In order, to meet funding requirements Brabu Pharmacy has partnered with Brabu Komunidat, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Together these organizations have submitted grant proposals for Federal competitive funding.  Competition can be steep, so anyone interested in learning more about our training program or that wish to contribute, please contact us at [email protected] Donations are tax deductible

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