Brabu’s Parker helps employees succeed

By  (Saipan Tribune)
Ted Parker is more than just a boss to his employees. The owner and general manager of Brabu Pharmacy has helped his staff succeed in other ways, like facilitating a number of them to earn degrees and advance their careers in the pharmaceutical field.“We have a workforce that is always ready to assist you. We trained them to be caring and mindful of how our customers feel,” said Parker, who was the guest speaker in last Tuesday’s Rotary Club of Saipan meeting at the Giovanni’s restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Saipan.

“It is a matter of taking people and giving them the opportunity to succeed. I believe that if you support and reward your employees, they will give you good service in return,” he added.

Aside from giving salary raises and bonuses, Parker said that he has also helped mentor at least 12 of his employees in the pharmaceutical field. “I helped them enroll in a one-year online program for pharmacy technicians and they eventually took the national board exams in Guam.”

Pharmacy technicians worked under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, individuals who help administer the safe and effective use of medicines of patients and sick individuals.

Out of the 12, Parker added, six went to the mainland for further studies like becoming a licensed pharmacist. In fact, one has enrolled at Boston University’s School of Public Health.

“There’s also one who is studying at the University of the Pacific. There’s also one from Tinian who went to pharmacy school with the promise of coming back after graduation to help the community. Now I can say that I can retire,” Parker said with a chuckle.

He said that one thing that his pharmacist father taught him was most of the time the people who go to the pharmacy are either sick or are feeling something.

“What I’ve learned from my dad is that most of the time the people who come in a pharmacy have something going on with them. That’s why you have to make sure you show that you’re caring and are there for them to help,” said Parker.

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