About Us


Brabu Pharmacy and Wellness Center is an independently owned and operated pharmacy established in 2009 to provide professional health services to the island communities of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

“Brabu” in Chamorro means healthy, industrious, a hardworking person, and it is in this spirit that our staff strive to provide the community with sound medical advice and other assistance in a pleasant and supportive environment.


Brabu’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and total wellness, especially for those underserved, while preserving and restoring our islands’ green spaces and surrounding environment to sustain our sense of wellbeing.


Who We Are


Co-owners Ted Parker and Kathy Yuknavage met on Saipan in 1990 and became part of the island community. They established Brabu Pharmacy 10 years ago with the goal of hiring from the local work force to make it a business for the community, serving the community.

All Brabu staff are strongly encouraged to gain new skills, or better yet, pursue higher education, whether on island, on-line, or off-island. These employees earn income while attending courses and in return are asked to remember their island home and give back when they finish their studies by returning to contribute to our islands’ workforce.

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Brabu is dedicated to reducing our contribution to plastic and other waste by only offering paper bags and cardboard boxes for purchases. We also offer $0.10 discount for those conscientious customers with reusable shopping bags. In addition, Brabu gives away shipping boxes, bubble wrap, blue-ice packs, and Styrofoam coolers FREE OF CHARGE, thereby diverting these non-renewable items from the islands’ waste stream.

We invite patients to allow us to reuse their prescription vials for refills, and we accept all retired prescription vials (even from other pharmacies) for recycling. We ensure that all personal label information is removed before transporting these plastics to Saipan’s recycling center.